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a city 5.000 years old.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Athens is continuously inhabited for nearly 5 thousand years! During the ancient times Athens has been the cradle of western civilization and a big cultural influencer for the entire world. Democracy, Theater, Philosophy were conceived around the hill of the Acropolis and all modern languages are leaning on Greek to express complex meanings like cosmology, organism and aesthetics. Today, modern Athens is buzzing with life in every little street of the city center and it’s rightfully characterized as a city full of contradictions! Nowadays, apart from the ancient temples and archaeological sites, you can enjoy the local neighborhoods, the famous healthy – affordable – vegetarian friendly Greek cuisine, the never-ending nightlife and the clean Mediterranean beaches at the Attica Riviera.

stay next to ACROPOLIS

a dreamy maze around the Acropolis

The region of Plaka is said to be the most touristy region in Athens . . . and this is actually the case. Could that be though because it really is the most impressive part of the city as well? It goes without saying that Plaka is the most scenic, the most popular, the most beautiful neighborhood of Athens – a maze-like Utopia that leads up to the Acropolis. It is much loved by residents and visitors alike and it’s not hard to see why. Visiting Plaka means walking by open-air ancient sites, feeling the nostalgic atmosphere of the old embracing the new, experiencing a variety of ethnic cuisines and looking out for another ‘hidden’ alley to walk through.

While in Plaka it feels as if you’re staying at the most beautiful city in Europe; pick your route by walking: a) At the surroundings of an Ethnic Metropolis, for incredible restaurants around the Cathedral, b) In the charming alleys of the touristy ‘neighborhood of the gods’, c) From the Cycladic district Anafiotika up to Areopagus, d) At the Roman Agora and the Tower of the Winds.


a neighborhood that takes you everywhere

Do you wish to combine unforgettable visits and unobstructed views to the most significant archeological sites with easy access to the modern side of Athens? If this is the case then you should do no more than stay in Thiseio, the diamond of the city.

Pick a route to explore all the different sides of Thiseio: a) The archeological walk will lead you to the most significant landmarks of Ancient Greece (the Acropolis and its surrounding hills, Ancient Agora and Kerameikos), b) The relaxing walk at the pedestrian paths promises breaks for good food, shopping at the open-air market, and taking in charming landscape, c) The astronomical walk will reveal the beauty of the neoclassical buildings all the way up to the National Observatory.


a fun park of urban contrasts

The region of Psyrri is one of the most charming regions in Athens, a real fun park of urban contrasts to explore. In its squares and crossroads, all types of people are met – hipsters and clothe designers, hair stylists and skateboarders are mixed with rebetico songs enthusiasts, popular and mainstream culture lovers, while the immigrants’ polyglottism is interspersed with the Greek tradition.

Pick a route to discover Psyrri’s secrets by walking: a) Starting from traditional handicraft, ending to modern design, b) Around the town’s open-market and its unpredictable streets, c) Searching for the urban Caryatids through graffiti and squares, d) Through surprises of History and fun in the neighborhood’s alleys.