- The lockbox #01 with your keys is on your right hand side when looking at the entrance, just below the apartment's buzzers.
- Slide down the black protective shield to reveal the code-pad and insert your code 0000
- Press the black button next to the code-pad downwards and the lockbox will open.
- Take your keys, close the lockbox, scramble the code-pad and slide the protective shield back up. Please, don't forget to scramble the code-pad before you get into the building.
- Your keyset contains two keys. A large one with black head and a small simple one. Use the small one to open the door of the building's main entrance. Enter the building and close the door behind you.
- Go up the few steps in front of you. Turn left to find the lift (If you take the stairs go 4 levels up).
- Call the lift by pressing the black button on your right hand side when looking at the lift's door.
- The lift is very small and can take up to 225kg. That's 3 people without luggage (I know that you'll wonder how 3 people can fit in this lift!).
- When you see light behind the door it means the lift is there. Pull the lift door towards you.
- Enter the cabin. The door will close behind you. Make sure you're not touching the door and there are no luggage straps very close to the door.
- Press 4. Caution: there is no protective door between the cabin (you) and the lift shaft. You will be seeing the wall moving next to you. This is normal.
- When the cabin comes to a complete stop push the door open. Exit the cabin, take all your belongings with you and close the lift door.
- Your apartment's door is the one next to the lift. Use the large key with black head to unlock and open your door.